Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We were once kids

This afternoon I saw these joyful kids playing at an open space by the village of Kampung Jepak, just across the Bintulu town.  where my worker lives. I took a moment to take a picture of them. I was thinking of the nostalgic days when I was a kid like them spending endless hours playing with my brothers or sisters and friends. What did I do after school hours when I was like them say at the age of 4- 12 years old?
Under the category of 'Helping Out Parents' I did the following:
1) Collect firewood from a nearby sawmill that was located on the opposite side of the river. It required me and my brothers to paddle a small boat . A frightening experience when the boat was loaded and had to navigate the waves from passing ships . Never did our boat collide or sank. Thanks to the Almighty.
2) Sell cakes & ice cream which entailed me to walk for miles around the village or town . Over the years became knowledgeable about Who's Who in the village or town, especially those with spending power.
3) Water plants,sweep garden floor and help burn garden debris - almost on daily basis.That could be how I was indoctrinated into gardening. Green fingers are created young. Did Confucius say that??
4) Shopping for emergency supplies- cigarettes, sugar, milk, flour, fruits, etc
5) AOB - carry out miscellaneous errands like collect clothes from working bachelors who contracted out their laundry washing to my mother. Then send back the clothes cleaned and ironed .
'Just Having Fun ' Category list of activities:
1) Swimming in the river
2) Fishing by the stream or river
3) Bicycling around town or village
4) Play football or badminton and other traditional games e.g. kite flying and marbles,
5) Play hide and seek
6) Shoot birds and mud skippers using catapult
7) Play see-saw and swing at the only public park in town
Reflecting on my childhood days I think I had my share of the fun days as well as the 'hard' days.
More of the former than the latter. I guess -Kids just wanna have fun.
( Note: The above story is a re-posting from my blog ' my Kambatik World' and the link is here. )

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