Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Batik years in retrospective

Two women washing, April'85

Paddling upriver, April'85
Three doves, circa '86
 In my mature years, I  did considerable work in batik.  During the years 1985-1986 I did many batik paintings with culture, native girls and music as the subject matter.  All of these batik pieces shown here were done in Bintulu.  These were done during my free time during normal days and weekends.  It was  a means to earn additional income since batik pieces were greatly demanded due to its Malaysian or local identity and there were no other artist doing batik in Bintulu at that time.  Later in 2002 my creative urges in batik were channeled into nature study especially plant life. These creative urges were associated with my contracting business since 1992 especially those works involved in the landscaping of Bintulu.  I did little work on buildings or architectural subjects.   Two paintings in particular are of interest.  One is done in 1990 showing the Plaza hotel.  This painting was sold to the hotel and given as a gift to the Chief Minister of Sarawak when doing the official opening of the hotel. Another painting was based on a picture from a Venezuelan friend of her hacienda.  Doing batik was a  money making hobby for me because almost all the batiks I produced were sold.
Kelabit girl with flute,uly'86
Kelabit lass, circa '86
Ethnic by design, circa '86
Kelabit dancer and boys on sapeh, circa'86
Feeding hornbill, circa '86
Kelabit girls, circa'86
White water lilies, may'02
Bintulu Plaza Hotel, July'1990
Lily pond, October'02
Nature study, June'02
Plant study, May'02
Traveller's palm,September'02
Venezuelan hacienda - a study, June'02
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