Sunday, November 1, 2015

Clicking around Bintulu (2008 -2015)

Since 2008 till today, I have been spreading the Bintulu brand over the internet in the form of Bintulu clicks.  A blog that compiles pictures about the Bintulu story is entitled 'my Bintulu clicks' .  Above are just a handful of pictures that I copied using url from the blog to this blog.  Otherwise it is better to get more photographic memories of Bintulu by just visiting the blog.

The pictures are accompanied by short snippets and write-up to give some additional information to visitors who are not yet familiar to Bintulu.  In this manner the blog is a wealth of information not available in books, and after all there is hardly any book that covers such a fast range of topics like the blog.

Check out the labels.  For unique local names try these labels - azan,balem,umai, satay,tipuk,ong lumok, ketupat,belian,.  The labels tells it all - from places of interest to Nature and man-made structures, try:- roads, streets, tamu, beaches, trees, flowers, mosque, cats, timber, ferry boats, express boats, and the list goes on and on.....Happy visiting Bintulu online! It's just a click away.  The link is here.

(Note: At the point of writing (2 Nov'15) the blog has received 36,639 page views from all over the world)

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