Thursday, October 22, 2015

Once upon a blog

Since 2007, I have blogging about Bintulu on a vast range of topics and these were incorporated in many blogs, thanks to Blogger.  One of my favourite blogs  is about the old images of Bintulu compared  with recent or contemporary ones.  It is a pictorial history of Bintulu that many outside Bintulu can sit comfortably in their arm chairs and time-travel to Bintulu during the 1950's in the safety of their homes or zoom into modern times in relative ease clicks away.  Bintulu is my hometown and I think I will continue to document its history as it marches in the field of time.  Currently Bintulu is deep into its fourth economic boom period and this boom has a much wider impact upon its societal changes compared to the previous ones mainly because the economic generators that push the town forward are scattered over its hinterland like its massive hydro-electric dam, reforestation projects, oil palm estates, timber exploitation and new industrial and township satellite zones at Similajau.  Below are some examples of the pictorial history of Bintulu.  For more pictorial history images please go to the original blog as in here ...>>>

MNLG plant complexes with the port at top of picture.
( Tanjung Kidurong Industrial zone)
At the inset is a picture showing the Tg. Kidurong Industrial zone which started the first boom in Bintulu starting 1979.  The main project was the liquified natural gas plant and a deep water port to enable huge LNG ships come in to harbour to load its cargo for export to Japan and other buyers outside Malaysia.

Second Industrial Satellite Zone at Similajau, 14 miles north of the Tg. Kidurong Industrial zone.
The new zone is serviced by new port.
Today, with all the industrial developments combined with agricultural, timber-based, power generation and off-shore oil and gas explorations and productions,  Bintulu is on the right path to be an industrial showpiece of the nation.
Happy Malaysia day Sarawak !!

( Note: The above story is a re-posting from my blog - My Sarawak (2nd Ed.) and the link  is here .)

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